YEOWWW Big Baby Cigar


It's a Boy! ... It's a Girl!

Bring out the Kitten in any Ol'Cat.

The tradition of handing out cigars isn't just for the proud parents of human babies anymore. Yeowww! BIG BABY are hand packed with 100% Yeowww! organically grown catnip. These safe and healthy catnip toys can be used to announce the birth of new kittens, real human babies (healthier than real stogies) or just a gift for all the cool cats' in Duckyworld. Whatever the event, when you say "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" you have to say, YEOWWW!

All Yeowww Brand catnip is 100% Organically Grown, making a more potent, premium blend of leaf and flowertop your kitty is certain to enjoy. Every one of our Yeowww toys is completely stuffed with it! We don't use any cotton fillers and certainly none of the unfiltered, 'toy grade' catnips that could be full of contaminants and sold at a much cheaper price. Yeowww! Brand catnip stands out from the rest, and your cat will know the difference.

7" long and fully loaded with Yeowww! catnip.