Prozyme Original Supplement for Dogs


Prozyme Original Supplement for dogs is a plant derived enzyme powder that will give your pets essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids! This formula comes in a convenient powder that you can just sprinkle into your dogs food. This supplement can help with allergies, skina nd coat problems, immune functions, digestion, weight products and more!

Available in 20gm and 454gm bottles.

Ships within 2-3 business days.
Prozyme Ingredients:
1/4 Teaspoon provides – Amylase 2500 SKBU, Lipase 250 LU, Cellulase 62.5 CCHU, Protease 10 GDU.
Other Ingredients:
Lactose, dried Aspergillus oryae (var.) fermentation product, dried Aspergillus niger (var.) fermentation product, dried bromelain derived from Ananas Comosus.