ökocat Soft Step Wood Clumping Cat Litter


ökocat Soft Step Wood Clumping Cat Litter is a naturally lightweight natural cat litter with a super soft texture your cat will love. Soft Step is made with a fine wood granule, a texture similar to that of clay litter so transitioning your cat to natural is easy. True to its name, it’s perfect for delicate paws, seniors and kittens.  

Healthy Pet is interested in your health. To help prevent the spread of disease sometimes transferred in fecal matter, they recommend against discarding used litter in your garden or compost bin. They also suggest that you avoid direct contact with used litter, especially if you are pregnant. Always wash your hands thoroughly after tending to the litter box.

You can empty the entire box each week or manage it as you would a clumping clay litter by scooping out solid waste and wet spots. Scoops should be detergent washed each week, either by hand or in the dishwasher (suggested water temperature of 160 degree F), then air dried.

DAILY MAINTENANCE (For a regular user):
For maximum odor control and superior animal health, your litter box should be cleaned at least once a day; twice a day is optimal.
Step 1: Clean & dispose - Milled Grain absorbs liquid and forms into an easy to identify mass of moist particles. Once a day, lift one end of your litter box and allow the litter to gather to the lower end. Using your scoop, remove the fecal material first. Then brush the remaining dry litter to the upper end of the tray to isolate the moistened particles at the lower end. Scoop the moist litter into your waste container or toilet for flushing. (The state of California encourages the disposal of cat feces from your indoor litter box in the trash and discourages flushing cat feces in toilets or disposing of them in storm drains.)
Step 2: Replenish & fill - Litter should be replaced so that a 3" depth is maintained in the tray after each cleaning.
Step 3: Stir &