NaturVet Yellow To Green Lawn Spray NAN


NaturVet Yellow To Green Lawn Spray is a tinted dye spray to instantly turn yellow spots in your lawn back to green! This turns yellow spots caused by animal urine to be turned green instantly but does not cause your grass to heal or grow back.

For use with both dogs and cats.
Deionized Water, Tinted Dye, Non-Pathogenic Enzyme Producing Bacteria, Thickening Agent, Calcium Propionate and Citric Acid.
For best results grass should be completely dry before applying. Gently loosen burned or flattened grass with rake. Begin by spraying the center of the yellow spot working your way out to the edges. Allow grass to dry completely before allowing pets or children near area. If used as directed color will remain and not fade even with daily watering or rain. For darker shades of green simply apply additional coats as directed above.