NaturVet OdoEliminator Concentrated Deodorizer PFX


NaturVet OdoEliminator Concentrated Deodorizer quickly and easily eliminates offensive odors from many surfaces. This gentle formula can be used around many animals and young children.

For use with both dogs and cats.
For general deodorizing, dilute one ounce (2 Tbs.) of OdoEliminator to each gallon of water and apply with sponge or sprayer. For small jobs, add 1 Tbs. of OdoEliminator to a pint of water and apply in a spray bottle and use as needed. When mopping floors, add one ounce of OdoEliminator per gallon of rinse water. For cleaning and deodorizing in one easy step, we recommend the use of OdoEliminator Deodorizing Cleaner. For heavily contaminated areas, after cleaning, dilute 2 ounces OdoEliminator per gallon of water and apply. For spot treatment, apply undiluted a few drops at a time.