Hearty Pet Double Wide Premium Corrugate Cat Scratcher

Hearty Pet

  • Reversible - Doubling the fun is easy with just a quick flip of the cartridge.
  • Double-wide - Avoid disappointment and clawed curtains with a double-wide scratcher with tight fluting that stands the test of time.
  • Cost-friendly Replacement - Don’t let your cat “shred money” by overpaying for replacements… our cartridges fit most major scratcher brands!
  • Environmentally Responsible - The only thing we care about as much as pets is the environment, which is why these scratchers are made from 100% recycled corrugate fiberboard.
  • We always highly recommend supervised play to ensure a fun scratch session for everyone
The two greatest lies ever told are that you’ll use algebra after you graduate high school, and that all cat scratchers are created equal. While we have yet to actually find a use for algebra as an adult, we ARE pleased to announce that the cat scratcher argument is officially null and void. Sure, there’s other cat scratcher cartridges on the market, but if you’re looking for durable, cost-friendly, and something that your cat will actually use for more than 5 minutes, THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU. Just listen to some of these reviews from our satisfied customers!
-“At 11 years old, I definitely found myself slowing down and getting a little… dare I say, lazy. But since I’ve started working out on these new scratcher refills, I’m back to loudly racing down the halls at 2 a.m. like a kitten half my age.”
Tigger, Mouse Control Professional - Bridgeport, CT
- “Whenever I’ve had a ruff day dealing with the dog of the house, I like to go let out a little aggression on these super sturdy scratchers. Well, that and slowly push things off the counter while maintaining full eye contact with my owner.”
Mr. Fluffykins III, Shedding Specialist - Tuscon, AZ
-“My owner sprinkled a little catnip on this new scratcher refill, and now I barely have time to complain about my food bowl only being 3/4 full. As if I needed something else to add to my already busy schedule.”
Neil Catrick Harris, Who Definitely Does Not Have A Busy Schedule - Newburg
-Regardless of your cats age or abilities, if they’ve got paws and claws we’re confident that this is the scratcher for them. And of course with your pet’s health and safety as our top priority, we always highly recommend supervised play to ensure a fun scratch session for everyone.