Fruitables SWITCH Food Transition Supplement for Cats & Dogs


Fruitables SWITCH Food Transition Supplement for Cats & Dogs is a low calorie, high fiber, antioxidant-rich canned pumpkin puree that helps ease the transition between foods for your pet. SWITCH is made from a 100% fresh pumpkin blend that uses soluble and insoluble fibers to help support the digestive system when changing foods. This vet-developed, ultra high fiber puree is also proven in university studies to reduce hunger between meals.

Pumpkin is one of nature's great superfoods. Fruitables' natural, harvest fresh pumpkin is ultra low calorie (68 calories/cup) and high fiber (23% dry matter basis). It is very high in key vitamins and Beta-Carotene which has been shown to promote a healthy immune system in dogs, which is especially important in older dogs. Ginger isused extensively as a natural aid in treating stomach upset, diarrhea and nausea. Taurine benefits the heart, helping to maintain strong cardiac output and circulatory system support. It is important for both cats and dogs.  Cats are not able to create Taurine in their body from metabolized nutrients, so they must get it from food sources, primarily meat proteins. Dogs can create Taurine in their bodies by metabolizing nutrients in their food and a Vitamin B complex. L-Carnitine helps convert fat into energy and increases lean body mass, while Choline is important in synthesizing hepatic lipoproteins and fat-burning by the body.

When fed to a pet that is suffering digestive upset (not holding down food, diarrhea) or one that is on a restricted calorie weight loss program, the nutrients that make the food complete and balanced are deficient. Fruitables fortified their products with nutrients to fill that nutritional gap to ensure that when fed with a regular food, the combination will ensure the pet is getting a complete and balanced diet.

In addition to the nutrients, Fruitables added a natural SuperBlend™ of fruit and vegetables to provide added benefits – key among those are the antioxidants in the SuperBlend
Crude Protein (min.) .............................. 1 %
Crude Fat (min./max.) ................ 0.50/1.50 %
Crude Fiber (max.) ............................. 3.95 %
Moisture (max.) ............................... 90 %
* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles.
Consult your veterinarian before starting any weight loss program or for persistent digestive issues.

<b>During Transition:</b> Replace 30% if your pet's current food with Switch. Gradually replace a small portion of old food with the new food over a 6 day period while mixing with Switch. For best results, transition slowly.

<b>After Transition:</b> Continued adding Switch up to 10% of the total diet for a fiber addition that supports a healthy G.I. tract.