Freely Rabbit Recipe for Adult Cats Wet Food


Your cat will love our natural, limited ingredient, grain-free rabbit recipe. Whether you add this pâté-style wet cat food to dry kibble for moisture and a boost of flavor or serve it as a complete and balanced meal on its own, you can nourish your cat with confidence knowing that we purposefully selected every ingredient. Every meal will be packed with what your cat needs and nothing he or she doesn’t. For this recipe, we’ve chosen rabbit because it's a low-fat, high protein option that picky eaters or cats with sensitive systems love.

  • Wholesome, fresh rabbit is the first ingredient and the only protein in this recipe.
  • Taurine is added for heart health.
  • Antioxidant vitamins support a healthy immune system.
  • Prebiotics help maintain a healthy digestive tract.
  • No wheat, corn, soy, rice, barley or oats.
  • Delicious pâté texture with gravy.
  • Simple ingredients give you confidence that your cat is well-nourished and ready to purr on a windowsill.