Freely Beneficial Broth Turkey Tranquility Blend Food Topper for Cats


All it takes is a little turkey bone broth to ignite excitement at mealtime. Our 100% human grade beneficial broths are limited ingredient, grain-free cat food toppers that can be used as a supplement or treat to boost moisture and flavor at mealtime. The turkey in this broth is a great white meat option that will satisfy your cat's carnivorous craving for meaty flavor. Whether you have a picky eater or kitty who loves to eat, they are sure to enjoy this broth as part of a complete and balanced diet.

  • Turkey is the only protein source in this recipe.
  • Tranquility Blend is flavored with chamomile and lavender.
  • Adding Freely beneficial broth to kibble brings more flavor to your cat's meals.
  • Gently warm a serving before putting on top of your cat’s food for best results.
  • Simple ingredients give you confidence that your cat is well-nourished and ready to purr on a sunny windowsill.