Free Range Dog Chews Open Moo Taffy Rings

Free Range

Free Range! Open Moo Taffy Rings are made with 100% beef, which makes this product a completely natural jerky! This "taffy" treat uses only one ingredient, beef sourced from pasture finished cattle and use no added antibiotics, by-products, or any artificial ingredients. These chews help clean your dogs teeth and satisfy boredom by giving them a safe and healthy dog chew.
Angus Beef Weasand.
Crude Protein: 90% Min
Crude Fat: 1.1% Min
Crude Fiber: 1% Max
Crude Ash: 2% Max
Moisture: 10 %Max
Calcium: .8% Min
Phosphorous: .4% Min
There are approximately 36 calories per inch of taffy.
Supervise your dog when giving treats. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water.