Free Range Dog Chews Moo! Bully Roll Knot

Free Range

Free Range Bully Roll Knots come from Free Range Cattle that are grass-fed and pasture finished.  Free Range Chews contain absolutely NO hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, animal-by products or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  These unique bully rolls are made from ground up Achilles tendon that is stuffed in Moo Taffy. Best of all, these chews are ODOR FREE!!

Angus Beef Pizzle, Angus Beef Tendon, Angus Beef Weasand
Crude Protein: 80% Min
Crude Fat: 0.7% Min
Crude Fiber: 1% Max
Moisture: 10 %Max
There are approximately 28-30 calories per inch of bully stick.
Supervise your dog when giving treats. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water.