Dr. Pol's 16% Poultry Pearls Healthy Balance Layer Feed

Dr. Pol


My Veterinarian Inspired Extraordinary Extruded Recipes are based upon the animal nutrition experience I’ve gained over the course of my 45+ year career. Ultimately learning when it comes to animals, simple is the best way to support a long, happy life. These extruded diets are wholesome blends gently cooked into unique shapes that help improve food intake and digestion. These diets will feed great, nourish your animal from the inside out and have them licking the feeder for more. You’ll be amazed at the results!

  • Dr. Pol Poultry Pearls are extruded to help solve common frustrations to pelleted, or crumbled, traditional feeds
  • Extruded feeds are gently cooked into easy-to-eat shapes and have little, to no, waste unlike traditional feeds which means you’ll save money
  • Lighter by weight, equal by volume: 30 Lbs. of Poultry Pearls provides an equal number of feedings as 40 Lbs. of pellets
  • 16% protein that is a complete, non-medicated, feed with added vitamins and minerals for laying hens at the onset of egg production
  • Enhanced with prebiotics to aid digestion, phytase to increase bioavailability of phosphorus from grains and marigold extract for vivid yolks