Dr. Marty Nature's Feast Essential Wellness Poultry Freeze Dried Cat Food

Dr. Marty

Dr. Marty’s is gently freeze-dried. This helps protect the nutrients that help keep your pet trim, active, healthy and happy. Each batch is made from premium meats, veggies, fruit and seeds — and contains zero artificial preservatives, additives, fillers, or synthetic ingredients.

Plus, it has a naturally delicious flavor and irresistible texture your cat will love!

Nature’s Feast is:

  • 87% REAL premium cuts of meat… because your cat needs a high-protein diet for their healthy joints and muscles, and soft, silky coat.
  • FREE from artificial preservatives and nutrient powders… We naturally keep our food fresh — that way, your cat can easily absorb the nutrients from REAL meat, veggies, fruits, and seeds
  • Minimally processed — not blasted with high heat. We freeze-dry our food so it’s full of nutrients, bursting with savory flavor, and for a delicious texture cats love.