Carefresh Custom Rabbit & Guinea Pig Paper Bedding


Carefresh Custom Rabbit & Guinea Pig Paper Bedding is made from natural reclaimed paper fibers that absorb THREE times more liquid than traditional wood shaving bedding. This combined with the guaranteed 10 day odor control ensure that your small animal stays warm, clean and smell free between cleanings. Each bag of bedding is completely biodegradable and compostable.
Carefresh Custom Paper Bedding is 99% dust free, so it will not irritate your lungs or the lungs of your furry friends. This also means there will be no wet build up caused by dust left in the bottom of the cage!
The Custom formula is specialized for your medium to large nest loving pets! This formula has pieces that are 25% larger than the Complete formula so they are fluffier and your rabbit or guinea pig (or other nesting animal) are able to create warm, safe nests more easily.
Carefresh Custom Rabbit & Guinea Pig Paper Bedding comes in 3 different colors.