Carefresh Alfalfa Hay


Carefresh Alfalfa Hay is made from hay grown in Eastern Washington State on farms that boast nutrient rich soil to provide complete nutrition. The Alfalfa hay is 100% Alfalfa with no other hays mixed in. Carefresh Alfalfa has 15% protein for Juvenile and Nursing small animals to ensure they maintain a healthy weight and grow properly, while also boosting milk production in the mothers.
This hay has optimal levels of protein, fiber fat. Alfalfa hay encourages the wear and dental health of your small animals teeth.

Carefresh Alfalfa Hay comes in bags of 32 ounces.
100% Alfalfa Hay
Provide your juvenile or nursing rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla with a large quantity of alfalfa hay each day. Smaller species such as hamsters or gerbils may be given a small handful of hay once a week for nesting or enrichment. Hay should be given in addition to a primary animal diet such as carefresh® complete. Make sure your pet always has plenty of clean, fresh water to drink.