Almo Nature Legend Mackerel Canned Cat Food

Almo Nature

Almo Nature Legend Canned Cat Food formula's are designed to be fed along side your cats dry food in a 60/40 ratio. These canned foods are formulated with high levels of moisture and protein to ensure your cat is satisfying it's need for moisture. Cats lack the instinct to drink because they are carnivores whose ancestors received most of their water from meat, and Almo knows this and does their best to create a canned diet that resembles that diet.
Almo Nature recommends using this canned food as a rotational mixer with dry cat food. These formula's use all natural ingredients, and are limited ingredient so they are great for cats with allergies or sensitivities.
Mackerel and water sufficient for cooking.
Crude protein (min.) 15 %
Crude fat (min.) 0.5 %
Crude fiber (max.) 1 %
Moisture (max.) 83 %
Ash (max.) 3%
560 Kcal/Kg
Feed alongside dry kibble. 60% wet food to 40% kibble.