0BUGZONE! Flea and Tick for Cats


0BUGZONE! Flea and Tick for Cats is a revolutionary, non-toxic Pest Barrier for your pets. 0BUGZONE! uses no harmful chemicals, is odor-free and is safe for pets, people and even the planet! These tags are easy to use, just simply remove them from the packaging and attach to the pet's collar with the provided ring. Make sure that the magnetic strip is touching your pets body as much as possible. You can also sew it onto their collar if you wish. When used properly, this product can last up to 4 months with maximum strength reached within the first 36 hours of being put on.

0BUGZONE! creates a "frequency barrier" around your pet. Each specific pest has a certain frequency that repels them. This is why each pest has their own specific tag. Your dog may need to were multiple tags depending on the pests you wish to repel.

This product comes in a single pack or a double pack.

Ships within 2-3 Business Days!