Ready Go Ice Melter with Traction Minerals

Ready Go

The granular product works by boring holes through the ice until it gets to the ground surface where it spreads along the surface, breaking the bond with the ice. Sometimes it may look like the ice has not melted like most top-down surface melters. Upon closer inspection, you will see lots of little holes. This weakens the ice so you can take a shovel and easily break and remove it. The traction minerals will provide traction and extra melting power so you can GO when you are READY.

  • Pet Safe
  • Safe for the environment 
  • Works on all surfaces (stone, brick, concrete, decking, roads)


  1. Pretreating will help prevent ice and snow from bonding to the surface making removal easier
  2. After precipitation, remove loose ice and snow using shovel or machine
  3. Sprinkle product on remaining ice and snow to melt and prevents slips and falls
  4. Wiping feet on a mat will help prevent tracking product inside